A smarter way to run a green business

Evercomm’s digital assistant advises on energy efficiency.

SHORTLIST (Technology Innovation Challenge)

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Many businesses that rely on power-hungry equipment don’t know the best way to cut down on excess consumption.

Evercomm Singapore, an energy start-up accredited by the city’s Infocomm Media Development Authority, has come up with an answer: user-friendly tech that keeps track of equipment virtually, while optimizing performance through data-driven recommendations. 

Evercomm’s digital assistant has already been adopted by Singapore’s Pan Pacific Hotels Group to improve operational efficiency, slash energy wastage and reduce carbon emissions across its local properties. 

Pan Pacific is now rolling out Evercomm’s solution across its portfolio of more than 40 hotels worldwide.

Evercomm is also working with the New Taipei City government on its green manufacturing drive in Taiwan.

Relevant Sustainable Development Goals

Evercomm wants to broaden its footprint further. As part of this, the company has packaged together a subscription-based service to cater to smaller businesses.

One initial focus is Thailand, where tourism is a major pillar of the economy. 

At the same time, Evercomm is developing energy models for different types of equipment. 

The company is also co-developing digital analytical tools with the UNDP to help businesses monitor their sustainability initiatives.

These frameworks cover commercial buildings as well as industrial cases such as semiconductors, oil, gas and petrochemical, chiller plants and data centers.

Evercomm Singapore was shortlisted in the ‘Artificial intelligence for energy demand management’ category for the ADB’s Energy Sector Technology Innovation Challenge.

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Ting Yan

Head of finance, Evercomm Singapore

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