For Grab, social impact is “the core business – not a side dish”

INTERVIEW with Ilaria Chan

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Relevant Sustainable Development Goals

Grab launched in 2012, and just eight years later it has cornered the ride-hailing and food delivery sectors and now sits as Southeast Asia’s most valuable tech company.

How did it pull this off?

As Grab’s Group Advisor on Social Investments Ilaria Chan puts it, the secret to the company’s dominance is that they prioritize social impact – not the bottom line.

“Our strategy is to increase the livelihood” of people in Southeast Asia, Chan says, by using the “democratizing powerhouse” of tech to help them secure employment and financial inclusion.

Watch Chan’s full conversation with TFI’s Teymoor Nabili in the video below:

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Ilaria Chan

Ilaria Chan

Group Advisor on Social Investments, Grab


Teymoor Nabili

Publisher & CEO, Tech For Impact

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