Growing Green Finance: Deborah Leerhsen & Ivy Lau, Mizuho

Sustainable finance widens its scope.

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Sustainable financing is changing, as more banks widen their lens to look across supply chains, including smallholder farmers for agribusiness.

“The funds have to make their way down, to allow the rest of the supply chain to adapt,” says Deborah Leerhsen, deputy head of Asia & Oceania corporate banking for Mizuho Bank.

Mizuho has been active in this area, sounding out possible pilot deals with corporate customers.

“We are exploring several approaches which can provide our clients with supply chain finance,” says Ivy Lau, head of sustainable finance APAC for Mizuho Securities.

Relevant Sustainable Development Goals

Growing Green Finance

Smallholder farmers are especially vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, yet solutions are failing to reach the last mile.

Tech For Impact has teamed up with Grow Asia to explore different ways to unlock the economic power of Asia’s smallholder farmers, while helping them adopt climate-smart practices.

In our Growing Green Finance video series, six industry leaders discuss the future of inclusive finance, and the partnerships that can maximize the potential of rural enterprises in Asia.

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Deborah Leerhsen

Deputy Head of Asia & Oceania Corporate Banking, Mizuho Asia Pacific

Ivy Lau

Head of Sustainable Finance APAC, Mizuho Securities Asia

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