How to secure a carbon-free future for Asia

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Relevant Sustainable Development Goals

During the COVID-19 lockdowns we’ve had a glimpse of life with clear skies and clean air. That’s a world we can live in, but first we need to switch from coal and gas to renewables.

It’s a massive task, but an urgent one.

So how quickly can we bring about this transition – and who should take charge in leading it?

Alberto Méndez is CPO of the energy company Vattenfall, which is working to create a fossil-free world within the next generation. And in this exclusive interview, he breaks down the complex – but achievable – challenge of decarbonizing Asia’s infrastructure development and ultimately creating a carbon-free future for the region.


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Alberto Méndez

CPO, Vattenhelm


Teymoor Nabili

Publisher and CEO, Tech For Impact

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