Smart heating and cooling with zero set-up costs

BeeBryte charges a monthly fee for its tech, based on how much money companies save.

SHORTLIST (Technology Innovation Challenge)

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Energy-efficient heating and cooling offers clear benefits to large buildings, but there is one major drawback – how much these systems cost to set up.

The size of this initial investment is slowing adoption among commercial and industrial premises, even with a relatively short payback.

To get round this obstacle, energy optimization start-up BeeBryte is offering AI-enabled software that plugs into existing heating and ventilation systems free of charge.

BeeBryte’s customers pay a monthly fee instead, based on a percentage of the money they save by using BeeBryte’s solution.


Real-time efficiency

BeeBryte’s proprietary tech anticipates changes in the weather as well as occupancy and business activity, thanks to a mix of hybrid cloud-edge computing, data-driven modelling, a patented real-time optimization engine and predictive analytics.

This can reduce energy bills by up to 40% when compared with conventional building management systems, BeeBryte says.

BeeBryte’s software can also be easily uninstalled should companies change their mind, returning buildings to their original set-up with minimal disruption.

Relevant Sustainable Development Goals

BeeBryte was founded in 2015 by two serial entrepreneurs, Frédéric Crampé and Patrick Leguillette.

The energytech start-up is headquartered in France with a regional office in Singapore charged with growing its footprint in Asia.

The focus is on markets where the company can make the biggest difference to energy bills – usually hot climates where electricity is relatively expensive. 

Electricity prices in the Philippines, for example, are 50% to 70% higher than Singapore. 

BeeBryte has also modified its offering for developing countries, where old or poorly maintained building management systems may be incompatible with its software.

In these cases, BeeBryte is bundling a basic building management system with its software, to retrofit buildings where the existing operation isn’t working as it should, or where there is no automated system at all.

BeeBryte was shortlisted in the ‘Artificial intelligence for energy demand management’ category for the ADB’s Energy Sector Technology Innovation Challenge. 

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Frédéric Crampé

CEO, BeeBryte

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