How to go beyond net zero – some tips from Gojek

Indonesia’s tech giant pledges to be completely carbon-free by 2030.

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What can other Asian companies learn from Gojek’s sustainability journey?

Indonesia’s Gojek has already made an indelible mark on Southeast Asia’s tech and startup scene. Now it’s poised to establish new standards in a completely new field – sustainability.

The company has raised eyebrows with a pledge to achieve zero carbon emissions – not just “net zero“ but totally carbon-free operations – by 2030.

Relevant Sustainable Development Goals

It’s just one of a series of bold commitments contained in the company’s recently released “Sustainability Report 2020.”

The report is a detailed and structured approach to the challenge of meeting environmental, social and governance goals, and the product of long deliberations.

“A lot of the things we talk about in the report are the culmination of several years of work and effort and priority-setting from different parts of Gojek” says Tanah Sullivan, the company’s group head of sustainability.

Tech For Impact caught up with Sullivan recently for an online chat about the company’s promises, its challenges, and more specifically the journey to becoming a trailblazer in corporate sustainability matters.

What can other companies learn, we wondered, from Gojek’s experience? Watch below:

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Tanah Sullivan

Group Head of Sustainability, Gojek


Teymoor Nabili

Publisher & CEO, Tech For Impact

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