How Salesforce combines tech and philanthropy to “make magic happen”

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Relevant Sustainable Development Goals

Salesforce has been vocal about their ambition to use their business as a platform for social change – and their social impact center,, uses the company’s software products to help serve vulnerable populations.

But how effective can a for-profit business be at catalyzing social impact – especially if it must remain considerate to shareholder’s needs?

Samira Khan, Senior Manager of Global Impact Engagement for, tells us why Salesforce is uniquely suited to pull off this balancing act.

“When the philanthropic side meets the technology side… that’s where a particular type of impact and magic happens,” Khan tells us.

Watch the full interview at the link below:

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Samira Khan

Senior Manager of Global Impact Engagement, Salesforce


Teymoor Nabili

Publisher & CEO, Tech For Impact

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